Computer Headsets

Computer Headsets

Computer headsets are useful for a number of work and leisure activities. You can use them for having an online interview or a virtual conference call. They are also useful for gamers who want to communicate with other players all around the world. There are many different styles of computer headsets available, so you can find some that are comfortable for you and suit your specific needs.

Neckband Computer Headsets

Neckband fit computer headsets feature a band that goes around the back of the neck and earpieces that hook over the ears. Most of these headsets feature an in-built speaker for two-way communication. You can find this type of headset with sound-cancelling technology, or you can find some that allow in ambient sounds if you prefer to hear what is happening around you while using your headset.

Headband Computer Headsets

Headband computer headsets feature a band that goes over the top of the head. This is the classic, original headset configuration, and it is still a very popular choice. Most of these headsets feature padded ear coverings that make them comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. This makes them a good choice for those who need to use headsets for an entire workday.

Ear Hook Computer Headsets

Ear hook computer headsets feature a loose cord attached between two earpieces. Each of these earpieces is similar to the type used on neckband fit headsets. The earpieces each feature a rubber or plastic hook that fits over the ear and holds them in place.

In-Ear-Only Computer Headsets

In-ear-only computer headsets are the smallest type of computer headset. You can take them with you if you take your computer on the go because they easily fit into most laptop cases and bags. These headsets mainly feature an in-built speaker, and the earpieces are similar to standard earbuds, which you can simply place in your ear.