Computer Keyboard & Mouse Bundles

Computer Keyboard and Mouse Bundles

While the beauty of building or buying your own personal computer is the customisability of it all, sometimes it can become overwhelming, especially when you’re at the point of choosing a keyboard and mouse. For some, key travel distance, tactile feedback, and the DPI on a mouse really don’t matter much; they just want a keyboard and mouse that work. This is why most reputable computer brands produce reliable computer keyboard and mouse bundles that can last for years of use.

Wired Bundles

If you don’t want to deal with replacing batteries—and on two devices no less—wired bundles are for you. These connect via USB cables and last years of normal use. The mice are usually non-configurable, staying at a constant DPI or sensitivity, but the more expensive bundles may include mice with software- or hardware-configurable sensitivity settings if you want less or more sensitivity for applications like gaming or digital art. The keyboards vary greatly depending on the brand. Some bundles emphasise compact design over ergonomics, which can be perfect for travelling with a laptop computer, while other focus on comfort in long-use scenarios, such as those that curve the left and right sides inward to promote a more natural wrist posture when typing.

LED Bundles

LED USB computer keyboard and mouse bundles are ideal for gaming or working in the dark. They are great for when your spouse is sleeping in the same room with the lights off, but you want to stay up for a couple more matches without disturbing them. They also look super cool as some models support RGB lighting for extreme customisability to match your system’s colour.

Rechargeable Bundles

Disposable batteries are not as good for the environment as reusable ones, so a rechargeable computer keyboard and mouse bundle may be your best bet if you would rather not contribute to the cumulative pile of used up batteries in the world. These are typically wireless and either connect to the PC via Bluetooth or have their own USB receivers that you plug into your PC. Some offerings also include all-in-one designs with trackpads on the keyboard body, while some look like remote controls for TVs.