Computer Keyboards & Keypads

Ergonomic bliss with computer keyboards and keypads

There's no getting away from your computer. Work, study, and play have all become synonymous with being online and staring into a screen. Studies have shown that many people spend over ten hours a day looking into a screen. While it's unlikely that you're going to reduce that number any time soon, the very least you can do is ensure that the time you spend on the computer or tablet is as comfortable as possible. The peripheral (that's a fancy way of saying component or part) that's used the most on your computer is likely either the mouse or the keyboard. Not all keyboards are made equal, and there is a whole range of options available right here on eBay that can help make your computer experience more comfortable, easy to use, and fun.

Explore the differences between computer keyboards

The type of keyboard that works best for you will depend on the main way you use your computer. If you're a gamer, you'll likely want to purchase a gaming keyboard with a whole range of features that aren't useful to the majority of standard computer users. If you watch a lot of movies or listen to music on your computer, you'll likely want to look for a keyboard that includes media features like easy to access volume controls, a play or pause button, and track skipping features. If you connect your computer to the TV to watch movies, then a wireless keyboard will be great to use as a extended remote control.

If you use your computer for a lot of typing, data entry, or writing, then you'll want to invest in an ergonomically designed keyboard. If you use numbers a lot, you'll want a numeric keypad that allows for speed and touch typing of numbers. Look for curved keys and wrist rests as part of the ergonomics. Soft touch keys can also help reduce the force required to hit each key. If you're looking for a wireless keyboard, make sure that your computer has Bluetooth access. You can also find computer keyboards and keypads that attach to your computer via USB. This is particularly helpful if you do want a numerical keypad on a laptop.

While you're considering the type of computer keyboards and keypads that fit into your lifestyle, don't hesitate to check out the full range of computer keyboard, mouse, and pointer devices, including the range of computer mice trackballs and touchpads. Whatever the computer keyboards and keypads to suit your needs, you're sure to compute all the great options available right here on eBay today.