Computer Monitor Desk Mounts

Make your computer monitor do the work for you by giving you adjustable, easy access to your screen with the use of a monitor mount. A monitor desk mount, also called a monitor stand, attaches to your desk and keeps your computer display at a comfortable height, increasing your work productivity on a daily basis in the process. These desk mounts not only keep your screen secure, but they allow you to rotate it as you desire, and there are distinct designs to select from according to your individual needs.

What Are Some Monitor Desk Mount Types?

There are a few different styles of monitor mounts. One type is the single-arm desk mount, which supports one monitor with an arm that has a bracket and holder for the monitor attached. If you have two monitors, a dual-monitor stand has a single arm but has two extendable brackets and holders to include both monitors and secure them to a desk or table. There even are monitor mounts that hold up to six computer monitors to make multitasking a cinch. Most desk mounts clamp onto the edge of your desk via included hardware, while others forego the tools and use tension to keep the display in place.

What Are Some Features of Computer Monitor Desk Mounts?

One of the standout features of computer monitor desk mounts is adjustability. You can raise or lower the screen for the best view of your display, and some mounts even rotate so you can switch from landscape to portrait-viewing mode. A retractable/extendable arm pulls your monitor closer or farther away, and when you're done for the day, a folding arm retracts your screen to keep it out of the way. A two-tiered mount offers a shelf for your keyboard, and some monitor mounts can hold a television or a computer monitor. Mounts adjust to fit varied sizes of monitors, as some can hold monitors that range from 13 to 27 inches, giving your mount added flexibility if you decide to upgrade or switch out your monitor.

Which Brands of Desk Mounts Are Available?

Keep your eyes peeled for numerous high-quality brands when you search for the right desk mount. Each brand may vary in the materials that it uses to create its mounts, by the cost of the desk mounts, as well as by the size and features of the various monitor mounts. Look for desk mounts created by Brateck, Ergotron, VisionMount or StarTech.