Computer Monitor Stands

Computer Monitor Stands

Nowadays, we spend countless hours in front of computer monitors as most of use them for work. One thing that escapes most people is the fact that computer monitor stands do much more than holding displays in place; the angle and distance from which we view monitors affects our ergonomics and comfort. Having a stand that keeps you comfortable and sitted in the right posture can improve your productivity by a huge degree. With so many brands available in the market, it can be a challenge to select a stand that best suites your needs.

Quality Materials

The thoughtfulness that engineers put into designing and selecting the right material to use when building a stand determines its strength and load capacity. Stands made out of aluminium or solid steel are preferred. Look out for creaking sounds as these are indicators that the stand is made out of poor quality material. Knowing the weight of your monitor is crucial as it helps you assess whether the stand is a good fit for it, especially if the stand is going to be carrying the weight of multiple computer monitors.

Adjustability and Range of Movement

Some LCD screens have narrow viewing angles and this can cause eyestrain. If your screen fits in this category, consider getting a computer stand that has horizontal swivel capability and great height adjustability. Currently, there are computer monitor stands that allow panning and tilting, horizontal swivel, height adjustments and even 360-degree rotation. Also consider choosing a stand that requires less effort to adjust.

Ease of Installation

You don’t want to buy a stand only to find out how it should be installed is not fit for your workstation or that the installation process is too demanding. A good stand should come with clear to follow instructions that enable easy installation. Some stands only require placing and positioning on a desk while others need a little of effort to get them working. Desk clamp stands are mounted on the edge of a surface while grommet stands are mounted through a hole on a desk. Though colour does not affect functionality, it is also worth considering.