Computer Monitor Wall Mounts

If you're looking to create space on your home office desk, a computer monitor wall mount could be the solution. It cannot only create a more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing work environment, but will also help to keep any cords well out of the way. Computer monitor mounts and stands are particularly suitable for light and flat computer monitors, as well as in situations where you're using multiple monitors from a single workstation.

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Computer Monitor Wall Mount?

First and foremost, you need to establish if you have a wall-mountable computer monitor that is VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) compliant. This means that it has a standard hole pattern that you can use to easily mount and attach your monitor.

  • If your computer is not VESA compatible, you may need to purchase a special VESA adapter, so make sure this is available before you buy your mount.
  • You should also consider the weight of your monitor and check that the wall mount you are buying has the capacity to hold it. You can find the weight capacity in the product specification.
  • If you are using multiple monitors, make sure the mount you are selecting can accommodate them all.

Which Other Computer Monitor Mounts Are Available?

In addition to both branded and unbranded computer monitor wall mounts, there are a number of others types of mounts you could consider for your computer.

  • A spring mount attaches to your workspace and you can use it to stabilise your monitor at a height that suits you, as well as allowing for easy adjustments by multiple users.
  • A post mount is similar to a spring mount and easily adapts to fit dual or multiple monitor arms from a single column. Rail mounts are ideal if you need to access multiple monitors at a single workstation and are popular in the healthcare and security industries.
  • You can also find laptop mounts if you want to elevate your laptop monitor while using a keyboard and mouse on your desk. This is a good solution for those wanting a more ergonomic workspace without purchasing a new desktop computer.