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Got one to sell?

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Touchscreen monitors

If you love the idea of an interactive tablet but still prefer a larger screen, a touch screen monitor is just the tool for you! This upgrade in computer monitors has all the benefits of a tablet - you can skip between applications as quickly as you would on your phone; draw, scribble and underline to your heart's content; zoom in and out with a flick of your fingers and generally interact with the screen as you've become used to doing. The advantages of a touch screen monitor over a tablet are numerous: the larger screen improves visibility and allows you to see multiple open applications at the same time; having the screen properly mounted is far better for posture and comfort; and you can far more easily demonstrate something on the screen when sharing your work. It's particularly useful for design-based projects, and can make working in a team far easier and more collaborative. If you're looking into new computer monitors , it's the perfect chance to research the latest technology. Dell, Acer, Samsung and Planar are just some of the brands with a touch screen range in computer monitors, so you won't be short on quality options.

Buying New vs. Used

If you're after the newest and best touch screen monitor available, it's probably a good idea to buy new in order to ensure top performance, particularly if you're investing in other new equipment. Even buying new, computer monitors vary considerably in price, so there should be something that suits your needs and your budget. Make sure you look into the features and capacity of all the available products and compare price based on what you consider essential. On the other hand, if you're not quite ready to commit to an expensive purchase but want to try a new monitor, snapping up a second-hand bargain is a great way to test the waters. If you find a used touch screen monitor at a reduced price and purchase any other computer accessories you might need wholesale, you can rebuild your workspace on a shoestring budget!

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