Computer Processors (CPUs)

Computer Processors (CPUs)

Listen to music, complete gaming levels, or browse the Web with a computer processor that reflects your needs. Considered the brains of the operation, computer processing units (CPUs), or computer processors, interpret your instructions and command other parts of the computer to respond based on the programs you have installed. Your choice of computer processor depends on the tasks you need it to perform for you, as well as how you work. A long-lasting desktop PC is perfect if you work at your computer all day, while a portable laptop with long-lasting batteries improves your work efficiency if you're always mobile.

Number of Cores

Cores determine how many tasks your computer can do at a time, so a single-core processor can only handle a single task at a time, such as word processing. However, with multiple tasks, extreme gaming, or rendering 3D models in architecture, a multi-core processor with multiple threads is the right tool to handle resource-heavy applications without a hitch.


A computer processor's capacity in megahertz or gigahertz determines the speed at which the computer works. With graphic-intensive tasks, such as video editing, high-capacity processors ensure that the computer works well without lagging. However, low-capacity processors are fine if speed is not of the essence to you.

Motherboards and CPU Combos

Sometimes, what you want from a motherboard and what you want from a computer processor do not come in the same package. Deliberate over computer motherboards and CPU combos as you can customise your computer from its core with the most optimal combination that caters to your needs.

The RAM and the Hard Drive

In addition to the CPU and motherboard, your computer's performance is also determined by the computer memory (RAM) that temporarily stores running programs, the graphic processing unit (GPU) that displays images, and the hard disc drive (HDD) for onboard storage. Make sure that you strike a balance between all the components for a computer that best reflects your needs.