Computer Projectors

Computer Projectors

A good, quality computer projector is an essential part of any home cinema setup or office presentation system. It allows you to project whatever is on your computer screen, whether it's a movie or PowerPoint deck, to any light-coloured surface, allowing everyone in the room to see the media. Having a projector with a higher resolution output means your images are crystal clear.


Most computer projectors with tabletop projection connect to PCs or laptops via USB cables, but where a wireless solution is necessary; computer projectors that connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are available. Users can even use wireless connectivity to connect to DVD players and external speaker systems to produce high-quality home cinema setups.


A computer projector with ceiling projection allows you to use computer projector accessories, such as a ceiling mount bracket to fix it in place without taking up desk space. This option also provides a more stable picture, as it is unlikely anyone will knock or bump the device during a movie or presentation due to the ceiling positioning. Some mini projectors come with their own internal storage of up to 32 GB or more so you can upload a presentation to the unit and play it wherever you have a light-coloured surface.


Some computer projectors have built-in speakers suitable for small meeting rooms, but units that can connect to surround sound systems via Wi-Fi connections are best for home cinema setups or large convention spaces. For ultimate clarity, projectors that produce 1080p or HD outputs are ideal the best viewing experience.


Most computer projectors come with warranties of anywhere between one and three years. They are typically full parts and labour warranties, so you can use your equipment with the knowledge that should there be any manufacturing defects, you can have your product repaired or replaced.