Computer Screen Privacy Filters

Keep snooping eyes away from your computer screen, and enjoy your privacy. By adding a special computer screen privacy filter, this task is relatively easy. These filters allow the light to pass through only straight and not on the sides. You can see the contents of your screen, but the person sitting next to you cannot. Some computers build this in, allowing you to switch privacy on and off as you please. However, most require external filters, similar to computer screen protectors that keep scratches and dust off your display.


For a privacy filter to actually work, it must be compatible with your computer make and model. Although universal computer screen privacy filters exist, you still at least need to match the screen size. Try measuring your screen diagonally from corner to corner, or check the screen size on the computer's documentation. When checking the size of the filter, note that the filter should be big enough to cover the screen entirely. At this point, it is easier to follow the general display sizes, given in inches, such as 14 inches. The filters adhere to this standard. However, some displays have curved edges and others are rectangles. It is worth checking the shape of the filter, too.

The Basics of Privacy Filters

Computer privacy filters are fairly simple devices. They are just polarised plastic sheets. Polarisation is the phenomena ensuring that light from certain angles remains blocked. Camera lenses and polarised glasses use similar technology.


Pay attention to image clarity as the filters dim the screens a bit. You can offset this by increasing the screen brightness, but this may lead to reduced battery life. The application procedure is also vital if you plan to repeatedly remove and reinstall the filter, such as when you want to show something to other people. Choose a filter with an adherence method that does not leave sticky residue. In terms of colour and finish, you can pick either a traditional black or shiny gold sheen, and turn an otherwise glossy computer screen matte with a special filter.

Popular Brands

People note the 3M computer screen privacy filters for their attractive appearance, available either in black or gold. With the gold filter, you can make your screen shine while hiding your confidential data. The Akamai company's filters are notably sturdy thanks to their thickness. Such filters last long, maybe even longer than the computer itself.