Computer Software to complete your computing experience

One of the advantages of desktop computers, laptops and notebooks is that they can run a wide variety of applications, antivirus protection and other software, without being tied to an app store or online vendor. Many users shop for their software either in person or online, and can choose programs suitable to their hardware architecture, the type of devices they own, and the way they incorporate this technology into their work or home lives.

Know your operating system

The most important thing to establish before you buy software is which operating system your computer uses. This may seem obvious, but it never hurts to be sure.

Most Apple products use OS X or an earlier version of Apple's own operating system, whereas most Windows-based PCs purchased in the last few years either shipped with or have been upgraded to Windows 10. Others may use Windows 8 or even earlier versions. Many machines have been converted to a Linus operating system, and a few even ship with Linus as an OS.

Make sure you purchase software that is fully compatible with your machine's OS, or it is unlikely to run at all.


Freeware is software that is free to use, typically available for download. Many people, however, prefer to purchase freeware on CDs or DVDs to install. Not only does this give them more control over their technology, it eliminates one of the biggest risks of accidentally exposing your system to malware.

Popular Computer Software

You can find almost every commercially available program online today, either as an official download from the manufacturer or their appointed retail agents, or by buying the software or applications on DVD or CD, and installing them yourself.

Examples of software frequently purchased on eBay include Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe, Corel, Endnote and many, many more.