Computer Speakers

Computer speakers are an important part of a desktop computer system, and they are also useful for laptops. If you enjoy watching movies and television from your computer, a speaker system is a great way to enhance your viewing experience. As a gamer, computer speakers make your gaming experience more immersive. They are also ideal for enjoying music while you work. There are many types of computer speaker systems available, making it simple to find ones that suit your specific needs.

Single Computer Speakers

Single computer speakers are ideal if you are looking for something portable and easy to set up. Most single speakers feature a woofer and tweeter, allowing them to create a full sound with bass and treble. These are perfect for travel or for use with a laptop.

2.0 System Computer Speakers

2.0 system computer speakers feature two speakers that go on either side of your monitor. This provides a balanced sound. These types of speakers also have a woofer and tweeter built into each speaker. They come in a wide variety of sizes, and many are portable.

2.1 System Computer Speakers

Like 2.0 systems, 2.1 system computer speakers also feature two speakers that go on either side of the computer monitor. However, this type of system also has a subwoofer that goes behind the monitor or on the floor. This woofer provides low range bass frequencies. This system works well for listening to music, because it creates rich, deep tones.

5.1 System Computer Speakers

When you are looking for a surround sound experience, 5.1 system computer speakers provide just that. These systems have five regular speakers and a subwoofer. Place the computer speakers all around a room for immersive sound. Use a 5.1 system for watching movies and television shows or for viewing other media.