Computer USB Lights & Gadgets

Computer USB Light and Gadgets

There are a number of accessories and USB gadgets you can connect directly to your laptop or computer. Often, these use power from your computer and are portable. Use them at home or while youre on the road travelling. 

What Are Some Computer Gadgets?

  • Portable LED light. Good USB lights are flexible. They can bend to a position that best illuminates your work or reading area. A good product also consumes minimal power but still gives sufficient brightness. 
  • Mini Fan. Good USB powered portable fans features silent operation and provides enough breeze to cool your face and even your laptop.
  • Bluetooth Dongle. This is an essential computer gadget for computers that dont have a built-in Bluetooth connectivity. A dongle enables computers to communicate with Bluetooth devices like keyboards, mice, headsets, mobile phones and remotes. 

What Are Good Features to Look for in Computer Gadgets?

  1. Look for those that can also connect to a power bank or extension lead. 
  2. Choose LED lights that have adjustable brightness. 
  3. Choose products that easily connect to your laptops and notebook
  4. Choose products that dont use too much power.