Computer Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

At their core, computer uninterruptible power supplies are types of computer surge protectors and power strips, but they keep producing power to your devices if the electrical supply fails. They offer multiple outlets for areas where you need more than one device plugged in at a time. They also provide protection from unexpected spikes in voltage caused by fluctuating currents or electrical weather disturbances, such as lightning strikes.


The number of outlets on a UPS ranges from four to eight or more. Some look just like extension cables and offer a great space-saving solution. Others have a design like PC towers with LCD screens on the fronts which give you immediate access to information like battery life and temperature.


It is important to know the condition of your backup battery at all times. You need feel assured that all your important data will save in the event of electrical failure. Many computer power distribution units have screens that allow you can see how much time the battery gives you, should the power fail. Other information provided includes the battery temperature, so you can keep the battery cool and running for longer, and when your backup battery needs replacing.

Home or Office

The smaller the VA rating of power distribution units the less powerful equipment it can protect. While a 700 VA UPS is suitable for most home PCs and laptops, a 1500 VA UPS or a 3000 VA UPS is ideal for small offices, or if people are running home setups where they need more power available, such as large gaming PCs or if they are running servers and PCs at the same time.


For eco-conscious offices and households, greener options include units that you can assign power supply outlets in priority order, between essential and nonessential, so that you don’t consume as much energy while ensuring that important data stays secure. There are also units designed to produce less heat than others, thereby reducing energy consumption overall.