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Tablet or e-reader: Which is right for you?

Choosing between an e-reader and a tablet usually comes down to two factors: cost and functionality.  Anyone trying to decide between the two devices will need to consider  how much money they are willing to spend, and what they will be using  the device for. Each device has its pros and cons, which means working  out which device is most suitable simply comes down to weighing them up.

There are many types of tablets on the market, from the ubiquitous iPad, to tablets created by big  names such as Samsung, Asus and Microsoft. With exceptional  functionality, tablets allow users to create documents, surf the  internet, play games, watch video, take photos, access emails and social  media, and so much more. They’re basically laptops, but without  keyboards.

When it comes to cost, e-readers tend to be  much cheaper than tablets – and they can be lighter and more portable  too, making them more comfortable to hold over long periods of time.

What equipment do you need to get your home office connected?

Setting  up a home office can be a challenge, especially when it comes to the  technological aspects of set-up. A home office needs computing and  networking equipment, as well as accessories such as printers, scanners,  and data storage.

Computers are the mainstay of most  home offices. However, there are various options available. There’s not  only brand to think of, but the type of computer and computing equipment  needed. Desktop computers are probably most common in home offices, but laptops can also provide a  viable option. The laptop can be used normally, or it can be hooked up  to a monitor and keyboard and used in the same way as a desktop. This  offers the advantage of portability when needed.

For  computers and other computing equipment, it’s worthwhile reading reviews  to find the best option. Think about whether a separate fax machine,  scanner and printer are needed, or whether a combined option is more  economical.