Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixers

Its no secret that you need the right tools, and quality ones, to get the job done and do it well. If youre on site in the middle of a job, the last thing you want is for a piece of equipment to give out half way through. For something like a concrete mixer, which needs to stand up to regular and heavy-duty use, its wise to stay on top of things and replace the equipment before its on its last legs. There are a few things to consider when buying industrial cement mixers : the design, sturdiness of the frame, portability, motor and gearing. An easy-load design will save you time and effort, and a strong, heavy-duty frame in a durable material is a no brainer. Portability is something to think about - if you need to be able to move the concrete mixer easily and often, a smaller mixer with wheels is something to look into. The motor power you choose will depend on how big a job you need it to perform, but a job of any size will be slowed down if the gearing isnt reliable. No jam gears are definitely a plus! Industrial concreting equipment and materials can be bought online new or used across a range of brands and prices.

Industrial/Commercial Concrete and Cement Mixers vs. Minis

If youre not a tradie and therefore not in the market for an industrial concrete mixer, but you do have few landscaping projects planned at home, there is a great range of smaller concrete and cement mixers available online. Fun fact - cement mixers are perfect for mixing compost soil for potting! Go for a smaller, lighter and more easily portable mixer and take DIY to the next level. A concrete mixer can also be used in an agricultural setting for mixing feed or even for seed inoculation.