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Condenser dryers for your convenience

Condenser dryers can conveniently be installed anywhere. The water from the drum is collected in a removable reservoir, so steam isn't an issue.

Different types of condenser dryers

Multi function condenser dryers that boast 21 programmes and a variety of functions are designed to tumble heavy loads. This laundry appliance has a stainless steel drum, sensor drying functions, and an array of drying programmes that are suitable for delicate fabrics and bulkier items like doonas and blankets.

Heat pump condenser dryers feature advanced technology, standard multi functions, and programmes for superior efficiency. Some models include a rapid 38 minute cycle that is ideal for drying small loads. A refresh cycle option allows you to take clothes and bedding from the laundry basket and make them smell and feel like new.

Advanced Sensor models offer variable degrees of dryness and crease guard, amongst its selection of practical multiple drying programmes and functions. You have plenty of brands to choose from, including Bosch, Electrolux, and ASKO.

Typical features of condenser dryers

Condenser dryers turn the warm damp air inside the stainless steel drum into water. The water is then deposited into a removable plastic reservoir, which is often located at the base of the condenser dryer. This container needs to be emptied into a sink, ideally after each drying cycle. If you forget to do this, this nifty appliance will remind you by refusing to dry your clothes when you press the start button.

Heat pump technology means that these dryers don't draw in the external air like most condensers do. Instead, they feature a closed circuit system that makes use of a heat pump to rapidly cool the warm air as it leaves the drum.

Although condenser dryers tend to be a little more exy than vented clothes dryers, no exterior vent or hose is required so they can easily be installed anywhere in your home. Some models do come with an additional hose that attaches to a drain. This allows the water to drain away instead of filling up the plastic reservoir.

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