Contact Lens Cases

Keep your contact lenses clean and hygienic with colourful and creative contact lens cases. They are a vital addition to your vision care, ensuring your contact lenses don't become contaminated by bacteria and cause issues for your long-term sight. Some contact lens cases are simple two-compartment designs, while others incorporate small mirrors and somewhere to keep your contact lens solution while you're out and about.

Creative Contact Lens Cases

Whether you want simple, contact lens cases with the classic coloured and white compartments or something more creative, there are a range of contact lens cases from which to select. Opt for cute animal-themed designs for kids or cookie-shaped compartments with in-built mirrors to help you change your contact lenses no matter where you are.

Hygienic Vision Care

While you should be changing your contact lens solution every day, how often are you replacing your contact lens case? Over time, bacteria from your hands and the surrounding environment can easily build up in the case, particularly if you are keeping your contact lens cases in the bathroom. So it's important to replace your case at least once every three months to ensure your vision care remains hygienic and healthy.

Preserve Your Vision

Eyes can be particularly sensitive to infection from bacteria and dirty contact lenses cannot only irritate your eyes, but also threaten your long-term vision. That's why it's important to establish good habits with your vision care and replace your contact lens cases frequently and clean them on a daily basis. Empty the contact solution from your case each day and clean with your fingers before rinsing it with solution to sanitise it. Then, place the case upside down to air dry, ensuring it stays bacteria-free.

Store Away From Humidity

Contact lens care solutions include storing your contact lens case away from humid environments, such as bathrooms. It's important that you store them away from toilets that can spread contaminated spray droplets, particularly while they are being disinfected and air dried.