Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Develop and challenge that brain with a chess set

Often thought of as a game for the more intellectually gifted, chess is the best sport to exercise the most important organ in the body: the brain. Besides sparking creativity and increasing problem-solving skills, a game of chess enhances memory improvement, raises your IQ and helps to promote brain growth.

It's even argued that playing with a chess set helps prevents Alzheimer's and also helps recovery from strokes and other illnesses. So, on top of helping to develop and advance your mind, there are also plenty of health benefits to be had with a chess board.

Playing a game of chess is also pretty fun, whether it be with your mates, grandparents or brother and sister. It's always a thrill moving that king across the board and shouting checkmate, right?

If you're looking to get a new chess set and/or chess board, eBay has got you covered. There's plenty on offer, from simple wooden boards to grander marble boards with brass chess pieces. There are even giant chess pieces for a life-sized game – what better way to spend a sunny day with an esky of beers?

Below are a few of the examples of chess sets you can find on eBay:

Wooden Chess Boards

These premium quality sets are perhaps the most original of chess sets. Made from a variety of different woods (timber, golden rose wood and box wood to name a few), these signature chess boards and pieces are great to play with a mate or family member.

Marble Chess Boards

A slightly more upmarket choice, marble chess sets would go well in a dining room or lounge. A fusion of black marble and brown wood, these magnificent sets would make a great after dinner game.

Glass Chess Boards

Yep, you read that right - there are chess sets made out of glass. Refined and tastefully made, contemporary glass chess sets make a stunning centrepiece. But be careful, glass chess pieces are fragile.

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