Contemporary Diecast Aircraft and Spacecraft

Diecast aircraft and spacecraft appeal to a wide range of buyers, such as collectors, hobbyists and aviators. Made from long-lasting material, they are available in numerous scale sizes from larger 1:3 models to mini vehicles in 1:144 scale. Choose a specific brand you like or a character family that appeals to your collecting preferences. When storing the models, purchase a display case or stand to protect them from dust, sunlight and accidental falls.

Commercial Airliners

Shop for a 1:500 jetliner, such as the A380-800 Airbus superjumbo airplane and enjoy its complicated design. In all likelihood, you wont forget the first time you put together a diecast metal body and plastic parts. Most modellers develop an interest in the aviation industry when crafting and displaying these replicas. Additionally, there are numerous diecast commercial airliners, such as Boeing and Wellington, available as models or completed kits. Some come with a stand to display the model on a desk or shelf. Moreover, you may want to collect these airliners by a favourite series, such as Corgi or Matchbox Sky Busters.

Military Airplanes

Its a good day when a collector finds a completed military plane that includes the original box. Some models come with a removable cowling, retractable wheels and detailed cockpit. A veteran pilot enjoys seeing models that include detailing of the co-pilot and pilot instruments or rotating and pivoting gunner positions. Also, youll find WW2 models in solid pewter, such as a C-130H Hercules 109th Airlift Wing model, which replicates real-life planes used to transport soldiers in combat zones.

Military Helicopters

Diecast military helicopters remind collectors of the services provided by fighter pilots worldwide. A prised model, such as a Westland Sea King or a Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk, may be the perfect addition to your collection. Choose from vintage specimens and current-year models.