Contemporary Diecast Construction Equipment

Contemporary Diecast Construction Equipment  

Diecast trucks aren't limited to just monster trucks, vans or pickup trucks because you can purchase diecast construction equipment in a range of types, sizes and makes (including CAT, Liebherr and Komatsu) as well. These diecast models often have impressive features and built-in details that make them stand out, such as working cranes or a remote-control option.    

What Are Some Types of Diecast Equipment?   

One way to select diecast models is based on the type of construction equipment you seek. Options range from model cranes or a toy excavator to a loader, dozer, cement mixer or mining truck. Many models have parts that actually move and work, creating an interactive playtime experience. A toy crane picks up equipment and moves it to another location, while dump trucks go forward and backwards, have flashing lights and unload just as a full-sized dump truck would.   

What Are Some Character-Based Construction Toys?   

Kids may enjoy playing with construction equipment based on specific movie and TV characters. These include vehicles featuring Bob the Builder, a cartoon about a construction worker, or Transformers toys that convert from the well-known robots to construction equipment, giving kids two toys in one. There are also diecast toys based on the popular Cars film series that feature some of the car characters that kids love.