Control Line and Free Flight Model Toys

With lines attached, you can fly a control line toy and perform aerobatic manoeuvres. Whether competing or flying for fun, you'll get to tinker with the engine, landing gear and other parts while learning the dynamics of flying. Choose from an inventory of airplanes, flying fish and other RC toys. Plus, you can build a model from the ground up by purchasing a kit that contains the parts you'll need to put your beauty into the air.

Control Line Tether Cars

When you want to keep your control line toy on the ground, consider tethered cars. Powered by a combustion engine, these miniature cars have been around since the 1920s. The earlier models are sought after by collectors with newer ones still enjoyed by hobbyists and competitors. Furthermore, depending on the model, the car may have leather seats, aluminium wheels and rubber tyres and compete with other toy cars tethered to a central pole connected to a small circular track. Each car is intricately designed to match the details of a full-size vehicle.

Remote Control Toys

You can run your RC control line model vehicles on the ground or put one to flight. Available as flying sharks, planes and cars, they move up and down, backwards and forwards, and make left and right turns. Instead of fuel engines, some RC control line models are powered by multiple batteries. Likewise, other models such as electric 1:18 radio control toys measuring approximately 280 mm are run on one 7.4V battery. Explore the possibilities of owning an RC 4WD off-road buggy or a powerful monster truck.


Kits like a control line RC quadcopter include the drone, transmitter, spare propellers, instructions and necessary tools to put the toy together. This particular model is portable, rotates 360 degrees and suits indoor flying. When you're up for a challenge, put together a control stunt/combat plane powered by a miniature diesel engine and includes 80 laser-cut pieces. Another interesting build is a jet kit with electric motor, fuselage and wing and tail components. Once you're finished with construction, take your new toy to the skies and enjoy the flight.