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Don’t Play It Safe: Go Retro With All Stars

Converse All Stars have been around since the early 1900s and although the name might vary – they’re also known as Chuck Taylor All Stars or Chucks – the style certainly hasn’t. The shoes you wear today are almost the exact design that was first created over 100 years ago – and although then they were more associated with basketball, now they make a statement.

How to wear your All Stars

The best thing about Converse All Stars is they never go out of fashion. They’re a retro style shoe that you can match with most casual outfits. If you love wearing cuffed jeans, your high tops will look fresh and cool, or you can go for something stylish and chic with leather pants.

A midi dress with your Chucks makes a casual statement, particularly if you match it with an oversized Converse bag, or stay retro with short denim shorts that are frayed at the ends and a vintage tee. If you’re hitting the workout scene for a light cardio session or heading to the courts yourself, they’ll look great with a tracksuit; or if you’re heading off to work, style them with cigarette trousers and an oversized blazer for comfortable sophistication.

All Stars were designed for basketball, so they’re not suited for running and high impact sports; but you can always get some shoe insoles to add more comfort and cushioning to your feet for general daily wear.

Buying online

Shopping for Converse All Stars women’s shoes on eBay is easy. You can simply browse for a pair you want or enter your own specifications in the categories section. You can enter your shoe size, pick a colour, or search based on the materials, which includes leather, fabric and even mesh. There are many options on eBay, and the best part is that you are sure to find new or used shoes for a great price.