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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Men's Athletic Shoes

Hit The Big Time With All Stars

Also called Converse All Stars, Chuck Taylor All Stars, or simply Chucks, these shoes are loved by basketballers for their durability, the fashion-conscious for their style, and by everyone for their comfort.

How to wear your All Stars

Converse All Stars were first introduced to the market in the early 1900s and were one of the most popular basketball shoes among professional athletes for decades. Though they’re not as common on the courts today, they are certainly popular on the streets. If you’re not planning on wearing your Converse All Stars on the court, they’re easy to match with your clothes for a casual, funky and retro style. Wear your high tops with cropped chinos for an everyday smart-casual look or combine them with shorts so you can stand out in the heat. Opt for a bright shirt, light shoes and dark shorts for the ideal blend.

All Stars have an every-day feel to them, which makes them a good match for raw selvedge jeans - considered the holy grail of denim by die-hard enthusiasts. The raw denim has a masculine look that fits well with the slim profile of the canvas classics. Or you might choose to wear them with your skinny jeans, to give you a casual, comfortable style. If you have white jeans, stick with black shoes. Black jeans, on the other hand, work with all colour shoes.

Buying online

Shopping on eBay for Converse All Star shoes is easy. You can choose to browse to find a pair you like, hit the Best Selling to see what everyone else is buying at the moment, or put your specific details into the categories section. You can add your shoe size, choose a colour, or even search via theme, including Stars, Classic, Band and Sports. There’s plenty of options on eBay so start browsing now.