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Women's Converse Shoes

Originally created for basketball players, Converse shoes combine style with comfort to bring you a fashionable athletic shoe. Women's Converse athletic shoes run the gamut when it comes to colour, design, and style selection, giving you the option to pick the perfect shoe for you. Whether you love the look of high-tops or enjoy sporty flats, the brand offers shoes to please every fashionista.

By Design

One of the perks of women's shoes is the sheer volume of available designs, and Converse doesn't disappoint. Although solid shades are available, the brand created a name for itself offering a wide variety of options, including graphic prints, favourite comic and cartoon characters, patterns like polka dots, stripes, and hearts, and sparkling glitter sneakers. Animal print shoes are fun, and sneakers with soles that match the shoes add colour to your wardrobe.

The Fabric of Life

Though original Converse shoes are canvas, the brand has since extended its materials to include everything from luxe leather to soft velvet. Suede shoes make a sleek statement and metallic canvas imparts serious shine. All Converse shoes have the same cushioned footbed and sturdy vulcanised rubber sole the brand is known for. Some designs feature an interior lining for even more comfort.

Stylin' Shoes

Converse may be known for sneakers and athletic shoes, but the brand offers much more in the way of styles. From Converse flats that slip on, to sporty flip-flops and durable boots, athletic shoes are just the tip of the iceberg. Wedge sneakers give you some lift, and fur-lined boots keep chilly weather at bay. When it comes to sneakers, Converse offers low-top designs as well as its popular high-top styles, and padded sneakers with a flip-down design offer contrasting fabrics for a cool look. Laceless sneakers have elastic to make them easy to slip into.

Special Edition Sneakers

Now and then, the brand releases limited edition styles, which tend to be cool designs or standout styles. Some past limited editions to look for include the coveted knee-high Converses, which lace up to the knee and offer a trendy sneaker that gets noticed. Some prints are limited edition, including animal prints or special character designs or collaborations, such as the Pride collection of the Tuxedo line. Kiss-printed sneakers and fruit-adorned shoes are also fun limited editions to consider.