Convertible Passenger Vehicles

Convertible Passenger Cars

Theres nothing like hitting the road with the top down and the wind in your hair. Convertibles are more than just transportation; they are a symbol of freedom the world over. Any car can provide transportation, but a convertible can do it with style. When it comes to experiencing the road, you simply cant do better than an open car, and every passenger you take will agree with you.

The Convertible Experience

Despite the absence of a roof, convertibles are generally heavier and thus slower than most equivalent coupes or sedans. That doesnt matter though, because they feel faster. Its all about stripping away the barriers between you and the open road. You dont even get the same experience on a motorcycle, because once you don your helmet and protective clothing, youre even more isolated than you are in any closed vehicle. With nothing between you and the outside world, you can taste the freedom.

The Cabriolet Experience

The best thing about a larger four-seater convertible is that you dont have to pick and choose who to leave behind. Something like a Mercedes-Benz cabriolet offers plenty of room for the whole family. Bigger cars are also better for a road trip; you can stretch out and switch drivers so no one gets overwhelmed watching the kilometres roll away.

The Roadster Experience

Two seats, two doors, no top; that sums up the roadster experience pretty well. Unlike larger vehicles, a roadster makes no accommodation for larger families. You can bring along one person and thats it. They are also even closer to the road than a cabriolet, so you really get that top-down experience. This is the car for afternoon or evening drives along the coast, where nothing matters except the present.

Enjoying a Convertible

Whether you prefer a massive American model from the sixties or the latest piece of German engineering, there is a convertible for every taste. The one thing they all have in common is that once the top comes down you are at risk of a soaking or sunburn, take your choice.