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Convex Mirrors

A convex mirror is most often used as a type of security device. Whether you’re placing the mirror indoors, outdoors or have a special type of convex mirror, the design of the mirror helps you see angles of a room (or area) that you wouldn’t be able to normally see otherwise. This is a theft deterrent. For example, if shoplifters are hiding behind a shelf or other hidden spot, the mirror helps you see their actions. Convex mirrors are a must-have when it comes to business shop equipment and shop supplies, as they are a very economical way to help keep costs down from theft. There are also convex mirrors made for safety inspections for automobiles, so you can see under the car without putting it on a litt or a rolling underneath of it.

Indoor Mirrors

Indoor convex mirrors are sized slightly differently than their outdoor counterparts. This is to provide you with a more accurate view of a smaller space. Place indoor convex mirrors in corners, so you’re able to see the ‘hidden’ spots within the room. Easily mountable and simple to install, you can place several of these within your shop.

Outdoor Mirrors

Outdoor convex mirrors have a slightly different design, so that they cover a broader area. While an outdoor convex mirror may be used as a deterrent for shoplifting, these mirrors may also be used as a safety precaution. For example, if there is a hidden corner in a parking lot, you can install an outdoor convex mirror so you can see the hidden oncoming traffic.

Dome Mirrors

Dome convex mirrors are fairly necessary business supplies, especially if you have a small retail shop. This type of convex mirror can easily be installed in the middle of your ceiling, allowing you a view of all corners of the room. You can also use a dome mirror to hide other security needs, such as a hidden CCTV or security camera.

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