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Make cooking a craft with these cooking utensils

Make the most of time spent in the kitchen with a set of cooking utensils. Everybody loves great tasting home cooked food, and this kitchen cookware helps everyone produce excellent cooking, from novice cooks to experienced chefs.

Kitchen Basics

Good quality kitchen staples are key to producing delicious food, easily. For everyday dishes, stocking up with a few main kitchen utensils ensures you are prepared to cook anything from a speedy supper to a show-stopping dinner. Whether you want to pick up something for your own kitchen or buy a ‘new home' gift, kitchen utensils are always useful and thoughtful.

If you're looking to save space for a small or shared kitchen, choose tools which can serve different functions. A simple stainless steel food grater can multitask grating cheese, zesting fruit, making cauliflower rice, or slicing vegetables. A set of sharp knives make food preparation easy, you only need a few all-rounders to cover most everyday kitchen tasks.

A utensil set can save on drawer space, containing frequently used bulkier items such as spoons, spatulas, ladles or tongs. You can take your pick of stainless steel, silicone, wood, or a combination of materials.

Kitchen Gadgets

If you want to expand your cooking horizons, you'll need the right tools. Even old hands can try something new by smoking your own food or cooking the perfect steak with a digital meat thermometer.

Of course, gadgets don't have to be about making fancier food, they can be about saving time or effort in the kitchen, or even making your favourite dishes healthier. Many of the cooking devices can be used with a microwave, making them perfect for a student or cooking in the staff kitchen.

Baking tools

Discover everything you need to bake the perfect cake. An accurate timer means that you will never lose track of time and accidentally singe a cake or undercook a pudding. There's also plenty of utensils for decorating your masterpieces.