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Cooling Dog Mats

Cooling Dog Mats

Hot weather can adversely affect your dog’s health. Cooling dog mats are designed to keep your dog cool and comfortable on even the hottest day. Available in sizes to suit all breeds of dogs, cooling dog mats can be purchased in plastic, polyester and canvas, each material with its own advantages.


Cooling dog mats are an excellent measure to take when it comes to looking after your dog in summer. Just like people, dogs can overheat and suffer from heat related health issues. Providing your dog with a cooling dog mat can reduce these issues. In addition, many cooling dog mats are also designed with memory foam to be orthopedic. Orthopedic dog mats can provide extra support for dogs, especially older dogs and dogs that have developed ailments such as arthritis, hip dysplasia or muscle problems.


Cooling dog mats come in plastic, polyester and canvas. Plastic dog mats can contain gel that stays cool without refrigeration or electricity, and can be used with other pet beds or by themselves. Plastic is also easy to wipe down. Polyester dog mats are made from extra heavy duty material that is long lasting. Polyester is hygienic to use and the tough woven fabric breathes and allows for airflow. Canvas dog mats can be wiped or hosed down. Many canvas dog mats fit on elevated frames that also increase airflow. Canvas is resistant to fleas, mites and mildew.


Some cooling dog mats are waterproof, making them hygienic and easy to clean. The lining can be splash proof, providing protection from spills and accidents.

Other Tips

To keep your dog comfortable in hot weather, make sure they have a cool place to lie down, like a cooling dog mat. Fill water bowls with ice and feed your dog frozen carrots. If possible, cool them with air conditioning or a fan. Most importantly, make sure your dog always has plenty of water.

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