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Corded Electric Pressure Washers

Pressure washers discharge high pressure water to remove dirt stuck on surfaces and objects. Basic electric pressure washers consist of a high pressure hose, a trigger style-gun switch, an electric-driven motor and a high pressure pump. Corded electric pressure washers have an electric cord that carries power from the mains supply to the washer.

Flow Rate and PSI

Flow rate and PSI are measures used to determine a washer’s cleaning power rating, sometimes known as the cleaning unit (CU). This unit is a function of a washer’s flow rate and pressure. PSI (pounds per square) is a unit for measuring pressure, and for electric pressure washers, it ranges between 1500 and 2500 PSI. Despite this unit being a good measure of the pressure produced by a washer, avoid choosing a washer based on this measure alone as flow rate is also important. Flow rate is measured in gallons per minute. The best electric pressure washers have both a high PSI and flow rate. This enables cleaning jobs to get done quickly.

Size and Weight

An advantage that corded electric pressure washers have over gas powered washers is that they tend to be more compact and lightweight. This means they can easily be transported to where they are needed and require less storage space. Washers don’t have to be bulky to deliver high PSI and flow rate. Being large and heavy could be indicators of flaws in the design of the motor or pump. However, being suspiciously light could indicate a poor choice of construction materials. Selecting an electric washer that fits in the medium weight category is a better decision.

Material and Accessories

Majority of washers have plastic bodies and hoses made out of PVC. However, not all plastic is quality plastic. Fittings are very essential parts in washers and most manufacturers tend to make them out of plastic. This can result to unnecessary leaks and water dripping in the wrong places. Picking a pressure washer that has brass fittings can be very rewarding. Alternatively, you can also replace plastic fittings with brass fittings. An electric washer that has many accessories available can be easily repaired or customised. For example, replacing a short high pressure hose with a longer hose increases the overall range within which a washer can be used.

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