Corded Home Telephones

Corded Home Telephones

Whilst most people are moving toward cordless telephones, or just using their mobile in place of a home phone, corded phones still have some useful advantages in a home setting. They can offer improved sound quality, reliability, and call cost savings, as well as a whole range of modern tech features that werent seen in older models. From wall-mountable corded home telephones to stylish, vintage-inspired phones, there is an impressive range of different phones and home phone accessories to select from to complement your home decor and space.

Better Sound Quality

Corded home phones generally have a better sound quality than cordless or mobile telephones. If youre using a cordless telephone, the sound quality will reduce the further you are from the base unit, but with a corded home phone, you enjoy superior sound quality that isnt affected by the reception problems that can plague mobile phones. Corded telephones are also far more reliable as they dont run out of battery in the middle of conversations or have the issue of dropped calls like mobiles often do.

Improve Your Mobile Reception

Some corded home phones have the ability to be used in place of a mobile phone. Just place your mobile near the corded phones base and you can use it to make or take mobile calls using Bluetooth technology. In some cases, youll get better call reception, particularly in areas of the house where you dont normally get good mobile coverage.

Modern Corded Home Phones

New corded home phone models have a lot of added features, including large, soft-touch buttons and easy-to-read displays, as well as backlighting to help you see them in dimly-lit or dark rooms. Caller ID corded home telephones either display or even announce the callers name and number, and indicator lights inform you when a message has been left.

Vintage Corded Phones

For a retro feature in your home, consider a vintage-style corded phone, many of which come with all the modern features. Or, look out for genuine vintage corded telephones that are becoming a collectors item and can still be found in great condition.