Cordless Hair Clippers & Trimmers

Cordless Hair Clippers

Cutting your hair with cordless hair clipper and trimmer sets is a convenient, cost effective way to achieve a great haircut in the comfort of your own home. With quality motors, guards of varying size, adjustable settings and a wide range of brands available, you can achieve great results every time. You can also tidy up the beard or moustache area with cordless beard clippers and trimmers, allowing you to achieve consistent length and well-groomed facial hair.

Cordless Flexibility

The biggest benefit of opting for a cordless hair trimmer is ease of use. With no cords getting in the way, you can easily access difficult areas such as the nape of the neck without worrying about getting tangled up. Cordless hair clippers also make it easier to cut your hair wherever you may be, even if there is no power access. Cordless hair clippers feature heavy-duty batteries for long battery life and to deliver sufficient power to the clipper motor. Corded clippers can easily become tangled during storage, so a cordless option makes sense if you value flexibility and want to save time.

Guard Sizes

Hair clippers come equipped with a range of different guard sizes, enabling you to achieve many different hair cutting results. Lower numbers are suitable for short styles such as the high and tight, whilst larger numbers will allow you to trim your hair, still retaining some length and volume. Guards clip directly onto the clipper blade, and it is easy to switch guard sizes throughout the haircutting process.

Powerful Motors

Good quality cordless hair clippers feature a powerful motor. A powerful motor makes it easy for the clipper to cut hair consistently and evenly, without getting snagged. If you have thick hair then look for a model with good cutting power and a high capacity battery. Rotary motors are a popular choice as they are both powerful and fast to work with. Pivot motors are good for extended use, whilst magnetic motors are good for cleaning up the edges, such as around the ears and neck.

Stainless Steel Construction

Clippers with stainless steel blades provide the best cut and are the most durable. They are easy to clean and resist rust, so you can expect many years of service. It is important to oil the blades on a regular basis, as this helps to improve performance.