Cordless Home Telephones

Cordless Home Telephones

Gone are the days when the curly phone cord restricted just how far you went as you carried on a conversation. Cordless home phones give you the same superior sound as their corded counterparts along with the freedom of moving from room to room while you talk. With a number of high-tech features available, you may find yourself actually enjoying your next phone call.

Phone Home

When shopping for phones, you'll notice there are a few types to take into consideration. A base unit is the dock the phone sits in. The phone itself, called the handset, charges while it's sitting in the dock. You may wish to purchase a base unit, a handset, or both, depending on if you require replacement home phone accessories or an entire phone system. A cordless phone with answering system comes with more than one handset and may include a base that features an answering machine and other benefits.

Leave a Message

Cordless phones offer up multiple features to elevate your experience. Modern cordless phones feature Bluetooth technology and allow you to upload contacts via your smartphone. Along with basic features like an answering machine, some models include a built-in clock, caller ID, and an intercom option. Choose DECT cordless home phones and enjoy the convenience of this upgraded connectivity platform for cordless phones. Phones with a hands-free option make it easy to talk when you're busy, and power failure backup means you can still use your phone during a blackout.

What's Your Number

Need more than one phone for your talkative family? Consider a system that offers more than one handset. Although you'd still have one main base station, you can also buy a unit that adds in an extra handset, or several extra handsets, with their own individual charging docks. This means you don't have to live with just one phone; answer it in the bedroom or kitchen with multiple handset options.

Show Your Colours

Opt for a sleek black set or liven up your living room with a bright white cordless home phone. Other shade selections include metallic silver or bold red. Pick from different styles, such as a retro-inspired handset that looks like an old-fashioned rotary phone, or select a more visually appealing set, such as a blue or orange handset.