Upgrade Your Computer's Processor with an i5 4th Generation Processor

Keeping your computer running fast and updated enough to play games or stream videos with quality graphics takes a strong processor that can withstand the test of time. The i5 4th generation processor is not one to overlook, as it is a budget-friendly way to get your computer up to speed.

You can run video games on an i5 4th generation processor

If you are looking to replace your current processor with an i5 4th generation processor for gaming, you can rest easy knowing it will run your games just fine. When paired with the right graphics card, using an i5 4th gen processor can give you an optimal gaming experience without issues and delays as the CPU sends instructions to the GPU to process the game. The processor should be able to handle graphics cards like the GTX 970 or the AMD R9 290 nicely and proceed to function properly. Overall, an i5 4th generation can give you a nice gaming experience without any trouble.

Is the i5 4th generation outdated?

i5 core processors are still as good for your computer's graphics as ever. i5 processors have stood the test of time and are still fully capable of working with many graphics cards that are being used. A lot of games that do not use extreme graphics like 4K can also still be run and optimized just as fine on an i5 processor. Using an i5 processor in a computer being used for typical internet browsing or email, or even to stream movies or music, can function as intended without any concern on the i5 4th generation processor.

Why might you want to buy a used i5 4th generation processor?

Purchasing a used i5 4th generation processor on eBay can be substantially less expensive than purchasing a new one. Many used processors listed on the eBay marketplace can be priced for up to a fraction of the price of a brand new processor, and purchasing used can save you quite a bit of money for the same experience and quality. A lot of the used i5 4th gens on eBay have also been tested to confirm they are working properly to give you more peace of mind. Buying used should not compromise the quality of the processor or its ability to function in your computer and can be a much more cost-efficient way to still get the optimal experience you are looking for.