Core i7 6th generation processors/CPUs

An Intel processor is a piece of computer hardware in a computer's CPU, and its function is to receive input from the user and provide the required output. Intel Core i7 6th generation series of processors can help PC users achieve excellent performance levels when gaming, developing graphics, creating content or even entertaining themselves.

What do Intel Core i7 6th generation processors offer?

Intel Core i7 processors feature Thunderbolt 3 and Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which enhances computer responsiveness and power, thus increasing productivity. These processors help to improve 4K Ultra HD entertainment, gaming experience and even sharing 360 videos. The 6th generation Intel processors are capable of starting in half a second and consume very little power overall.

How do the various Intel Core i7 6th generation processors differ from each other?

Processors in the Intel Core i7 6th generation series, such as i7 6700K, i7 6820HK and i76567U, have almost identical specifications. They mainly differ in terms of their clocking speed, number of cores, Max turbo frequency, number of threads, TDP (Thermal Design Power) and Bus speed.