The famous model vehicles for millions of baby boomers are now highly sought-after in the collectables market, find plenty of Corgi on eBay.

Back in the day, when Corgi first launched in the UK, their model cars sold for a few shillings. Now, these same models, if you can find them boxed and in good condition sell for near thousands. Corgi cars, trucks and buses are usually only produced as Limited Editions and sell out within weeks of release. The world of diecast scale model collecting is alive and well on eBay and collectors can find plenty of Corgi models, both old and new, right here. 

The range of Corgi Diecast Models on eBay will have every collector salivating as you can find not only bargains, but rare pieces for your collection. Corgi models are set apart from other diecast collectables thanks to their windows, Glidamatic spring suspension, opening bonnets and boots and diamond jewelled headlights. Its the finer details that set Corgi apart from the competition. 

It doesnt just stop at cars, there are Corgi trucks, vans, and busses to help extend your collection. You may even be lucky enough to find the rare Corgi Batmobile or James Bonds Aston Martin DB5. 

For many years, Corgi has produced models of almost every type of car, bus, and truck. From the Monte Carlo Rally Mini Cooper S to The Man from U.N.C.L.Es Thrushbuster Oldsmobile and the 1959-61 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop with a pale green body. Shop the huge range of Corgi Diecast Models on eBay at the best prices and watch your collection grow!