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Cork Coasters

Think cork is only for message boards? It may surprise you to know that cork is useful in a variety of ways, one of which includes making coasters. Handmade cork coasters add a creative touch to kitchen decor and make great gifts as well. There are plenty of attractive and versatile cork coaster ideas to choose from, or if you do not feel creative, you can still find many attractive coasters that are ready for people to enjoy.

Why Use Cork?

Some people use items like silicone coasters to protect furniture from water marks and spills. While this type of coaster is effective, cork coasters can also be just as effective, if not even more effective than, silicone styles. Cork coasters are not only useful for protecting surfaces from moisture, but they can also be efficient when it comes to absorbing moisture as well. You can adorn cork coasters with a variety of decorative touches that include logos, scenery depictions, beadwork, decorative shells, and other embellishments. Making your own cork table decorations gives you the ability to create items that match existing table decor themes. Creating your own coasters from wine corks is a fun project for beginners.

Gather Materials

As the name suggests, the primary material one needs to create wine cork coasters is wine corks. If you happen to enjoy a bottle of wine every now and again, you may already have a few wine corks available. If you do not happen to have any wine corks handy, they are available for purchase. Each coaster requires eight corks for a standard-sized coaster. Other materials you need for creating artistic coasters include a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, and burlap lace.

Create the Pattern

Now is the time to let your creativity shine. Create a pattern by lining up your wine corks in any order that looks appealing. A common square pattern needs eight wine corks placed together in pairs in both horizontal and vertical directions so that you create a square pattern. Feel free to add as many corks as you need to create a shape that appeals to your personal taste.


Once you have the pattern, use the hot glue to fasten the corks together. Make sure that you keep the corks at the same height, so the surface is flat and stable. Run a line of hot glue along the edges of the burlap lace and attach the material to the outside border of the corks. Trim off excess material and add any embellishments to the edges that you desire. Once the glue hardens, you have a sturdy and attractive coaster to use for your next glass of wine or other beverage.