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Got one to sell?

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Despite the advent of emails and other real-time messaging systems, there's still something irresistibly quaint about a notice board. In the technological age where emails can disappear amongst all the clutter, letters can be time-consuming and paper wasting, a notice board can be a communal and simple way to post messages between people that it concerns.

What can go on a noticeboard?

Depending on their location, there are a few things that can go on a notice board. Their primary purpose is to post public messages for everyone to see. This can be in the form of advertising items for sale or to buy, announce important events, promote products, or to simply provide information.

A noticeboard is a great idea for small businesses, institutions, or apartment spaces where workers or tenants might not have access to each other's contact details but still need to convey important information, for example, when there will be an elevator servicing that will affect everyone in the building.

Types of noticeboards

Whiteboards: A magnetic whiteboard is a more modern way to convey messages. Simply write your message with a marker and rub out when you make an error. A potential problem with this style of noticeboard is that a quick rub of the marker will remove your information.

Corkboards: The most classic style, a corkboard is available in various sizes and shapes, and can effortlessly be placed onto a wall in clear visibility. These boards may come with an additional feature such as a glass casing over it with a lock, to prevent tampering of the notices. You write information down on paper to then pin onto these boards.

Blackboard: Traditionally used in classrooms, a blackboard is made of slate, and chalk is used to write messages on it. Chalk does produce dust, which can create allergies for some people.

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