Costume Gloves

Costume Gloves

Costume gloves are the perfect complement to any outfit, with gloves available to suit all themes, characters, and settings. These gloves are available in kids' sizes for Halloween and dress-ups or adult sizes for events and parties. A costume glove fits perfectly on your hand and can be as short as your wrist or in a full-length size that extends all the way to your elbow and beyond. These simple accessories can add a finishing touch to your costume, whether it’s for a fancy dress party, calling for party supplies, or to add style to your clothing for events like the opera or black tie balls.

Men’s and Women’s Costume Gloves

Adult costume gloves are great for black tie events or dress up parties, and come in colours and styles to suit any theme or character you’re trying to achieve. Bridal gloves, full-length opera gloves, fingerless gloves and mesh gloves are just a few options that can help you achieve the look you’re going for. Men’s and women’s costume gloves usually come in different sizes and shapes to meet the unique form of their hands, ranging from petite to large.

Kids' Costume Gloves

A pair of kids’ gloves can be the perfect costume accessory for your child’s next event or as a simple piece to add to their dress up collection. Kids' costume gloves are great for characters like princes and princesses, or any other of their favourites. These gloves run in sizes smaller than adult gloves and can usually match up to the measurements of your child’s hands and age group for the best fit.

Gloves in all Materials and Colours

There are thousands of varieties of costume gloves to choose from, with materials such as satin or nylon being popular choices. Depending on the outfit you’re pairing the gloves with, there’s bound to be the right one for you. There are gloves in all colours from basic black or white, or a brighter neon glove that would be ideal for a vintage costume party look.

Costume Character Gloves

For a more noticeable choice in costume glove, there are those that emulate the look of your favourite character, in both child and adult sizes. Some popular costume glove choices include Wolverine, Freddy Kruger, Santa Claus, Jessica Rabbit or Madonna, with this one accessory giving the finishing touch to your costume.