Cot and Crib Mattresses

Alongside bassinets, cribs are absolute must-haves when raising babies, but they generally do not include the mattresses that provide the comfort that baby needs for a good sleep. The cot might give stability and protection, but it’s the quality of the mattress that affects baby’s mood the most. Choosing the right mattress for a cot or crib is essential to providing a comfy nighttime haven for your little one.

Generic Mattresses

Unbranded cot and crib mattresses will do fine if you look closely at the materials and cushioning methods. Make sure the lining is solid and that the outer material is made of a waterproof fabric to prevent odours from incubating on the deeper layers. Then, consider whether it has innerspring construction to promote proper spine alignment when baby lies down. A good way to increase comfort even further is to wrap a thick, fitted sheet over the mattress for added cushioning and warmth.


Using the right sized mattress is essential not only for comfort but safety as well. If a mattress is too small for the cot, baby might get his limbs stuck in the gap and become injured. Getting a mattress that’s too large will cause bulges to form on the surface of the bed, thereby creating uncomfortable and uneven areas that could lead to the baby rolling rapidly to one side and getting hurt. Getting 50 to 100 cm cot and crib mattresses should ensure a fit for a variety of cot sizes so you’re sure that the mattress is snug and safe for baby.

Special Pillows

Specialised pillows help in giving baby a comfortable night’s sleep. A sleep support pillow is ideal for correcting spine alignments at early ages. Soft recliners are also available and ideal for babies who prefer to sleep at an inclined position. These have soft belts that keep baby from rolling over, which makes them perfect naptime aids. Breastfeeding can make your arms sore within minutes, so using a breastfeeding support pillow not only gives cushioning for baby, but it also lets you carry him more comfortably. The back strap secures the pillow against your body while you hold it up with your hands.