Setting up the nursery to welcome your newborn baby is an exciting time. There are so many beautiful furnishings and fabrics to choose from for your nursery. The wide range of nursery furniture, baby bedding and baby cot sets available to make your baby comfortable and warm can be overwhelming! When you are ready to think about baby cots and cribs and the nursery bedding sets you want for your baby, eBay can help you find the items you need in a theme you will love.

Quilts and sheets
Baby cot sets are a practical way to create a relaxing space for your baby that will last through to the toddler years. A baby cot set will include sheets and pillow cases, creatively designed baby quilts for basinets or prams and cot quilts. Be it for a boy or a girl, you will find baby cot sets in traditional pinks and blues or multi-colours. The imaginatively designed themes feature animals, moons and stars, the alphabet or flowers. Appliqué cot sets make a beautiful setting for your nursery while also providing the practical and safe comforts needed for your baby.

Baby bumpers
Baby cot sets usually include a baby bumper to keep your baby safe and snug inside the cot. The bumper around the cot wall provides a soft barrier for your baby as he or she moves around the cot space in his or her sleep. As he or she grows, these colourful barriers create a tactile scene to touch and gurgle at and textures to explore, whilst also stopping your curious bub from putting their limbs through the cot rungs.

Baby shower gift
Baby bedding is a great gift for your expecting friends and family. If you are are looking for a practical gift, a baby cot set is a thoughtful and helpful choice. Many of the sets include beautifully made sheets, quilt, bumper set, towels, cuddly cushions, nappy holder and a baby sleeping bag. That's many helpful gifts in one set! Most of the sets will fit a range of cot designs.

Visit eBay today for an affordable range of quality nursery furniture and cot sets.