Cotton Work Socks

Mens 100 Per Cent Cotton Socks

Mens socks are an important clothing accessory that protect and keep the feet warm. When wearing socks made of 100 per cent cotton, your feet sweat less, and men with sensitive skin dont usually have a reaction to the breathable fabric. Moreover, the material feels soft so your feet stay more comfortable throughout the day. You can find dress socks, cotton work socks or a neat pair of novelty socks with colourful birds or skateboard designs and more.

What kinds of themed socks are available for men?

Men can make a fashion statement wearing a pair of Jedi Star Wars socks that have deep heel pockets and seamless toes to prevent the material from bunching up. Athletic ribbing means you wont be constantly pulling up your socks. Most socks come in packs of three so keep two and gift a pair. Likewise, you can show up at a Christmas party wearing a Disney design, such as the Night Before Christmas or some other mirthful pattern. If youre a member of a wedding party, wear Best Man socks in a subdued navy colour without taking the brides thunder.

What types of cotton socks are available?

A pair of ankle socks protects the ankles and heels from rubbing against the shoe when walking or jogging. You can find them in white and assorted colours. When youre wearing shorts, go for low cut cotton socks, also called no-show socks, to avoid chafing your feet without having socks show. Fill your sock drawer with thermal socks that hold in heat during colder weather and may help relieve circulation problems. Likewise, knee-high socks or over-the-calf socks also provide additional warmth when wearing lightweight pants.

What are additional benefits of wearing 100 per cent cotton socks?

Cotton doesnt retain odours as easily as oil-based fabrics do so you can wear cotton socks longer between washings. Furthermore, the material doesnt hold an electric charge so your feet will never experience static cling. If cotton fabric pills, the accumulation of fibres wash out as compared to nylon and polyester fabric pills that are permanent.