If you are one of the many Australians who dont consume enough fruit and vegetables, theres a fun and creative way to get your recommended daily servings. When you need a professional kitchen appliance that will blend a number of soft foods and break down hard rations like carrots and ice, a commercial blender is the way to go. Not only are they designed for frequent use, theyll also be able to withstand high-volume operation without breaking down.

Introduce a blender into your kitchen to create delicious homemade recipes that turn boring fruits and vegetables into tasty juices, smoothies, or even soups.

Why you should invest in a blender

Blending juice doesnt take much time, and it can be a tasty food supplement while youre on the go. Best of all, it doesnt create a big mess or require much to clean. Speaking of clean, your body will thank you for it as you will be aware of every ingredient you put inside your blender: say goodbye to additives, preservatives and excess sugar - its all about clean eating from now on.

A commercial blender isnt just for mixing juices and smoothies - you can also make your own soups, sauces, pancake batter, protein shakes, dressings, dips, or even dessert sorbet. Did we mention you can also whip up a frozen daiquiri or other cocktail? Its a versatile kitchen appliance that once you own, youll wonder how you ever managed to live without it.

When you need a high quality stainless steel commercial juicer for your home or even a restaurant kitchen mixer for your business, shop online on eBay today. Discover a range of blenders to suit your needs, from a standard 1.25L to two-litre or four-litre capacity, and up to 2300 watts for a powerful output. Bon appétit!