Ice Makers

There is no worse feeling than when you run out of ice on a hot summer's day (especially if you're entertaining) and have to wait hours for a new tray of ice blocks to freeze. Any plans for ice cold drinks are ruined and you're left with the truly awful prospect of tepid mixers. This is where the bench-top ice maker comes in! Capable of churning out a batch of ice blocks in as short a time as ten minutes, the ice machine is a host's best friend. Amongst all the marvellous kitchen equipment and gadgets available for entertaining, this one is sure to come in handy often! Depending on your preference, you can choose a machine that creates different sized ice blocks, or just stick with a basic model. Most ice makers on the market are compact and easy to pack away when you're not using them, so you don't have to worry about yet another gadget taking up bench space in the kitchen. They're also easily portable, so it won't be too much of a drag if someone asks to borrow it or if you need to bring it with you to an event. Most models will require a power socket to plug into, so make sure you check that there is a power source if you're planning to take the ice maker to a social event!

Ice Makers For Commercial Use

If you're looking to purchase an ice machine for use in a commercial setting, there are restaurant ice machines designed to maximise capacity and efficiency. These are mostly much larger, higher powered and far less portable - the commercial ice maker will be a permanent fixture in a restaurant kitchen or bar rather than a pack-away tool. They are also considerably more expensive - and it's worth paying a little extra for sound electronics and durability. Ice machines can be purchased new or used online: if you're looking for one second-hand at a bargain price, especially if it's intended for commercial use, make sure that it has been professionally cleaned and serviced.