Countertop Mixers

Electric mixers have become essential tools in home kitchens because they allow home cooks to whisk egg whites or stir dough in a couple of minutes without any effort or mess. With a countertop mixer, you can do a lot more than whisking egg whites though, as these sophisticated appliances have powerful motors and countless functions that can transform the way you cook.


Countertop mixers offer multiple benefits over handheld mixers because they pack more power and come with a variety of attachments for whipping, kneading, and beating. Accessories vary by brand and model, but some of the common ones include attachments for juicing citrus fruits, shredding cheese, and making pasta.


You can choose from a variety of countertop mixers for your kitchen, and one of the main factors is the kind of mixing bowl you prefer. Many models come with a stainless steel bowl for mixing, but you can also choose glass bowl countertop mixers. Many models feature a tilt-head design, which means that the bowl remains locked into the base, but some also have a bowl-lift design, which you can often find on larger-capacity mixers.


Mixers come with various bowl sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. As a rule of thumb, the standard size ranges between 3.5 and 5 litres, which is large enough to knead a loaf of bread or make dough for a batch of cookies. If you need to knead dough for multiple loaves at one time, look for a model with a capacity larger than 5.5 litres.


Wattage is important for mixers, as your appliance needs to handle things that range from pancake batter to sticky dough. Go for a countertop mixer with a motor of at least 250 watts of power if you want it to handle daily home cooking tasks well. If you need more power, there are countertop mixers with 1,000-watt motors.