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Country Dining Sets

Country Dining Set

Make your kitchen the heart of the home with the right dining set. With so many options and styles, you can build a place where everyone meets for breakfast or dinner to enjoy a delicious meal and catch up on their day. Bring everyone together with a country dining set that fits your decor.


You can find a variety of styles for your dining set. A country dining sets a relaxed tone in your kitchen while a traditional dining set adds a more formal look. The country set may come in white or a light wood while traditional sets are often darker. You can select a set with a modern look or one that fits with the mid-century modern or art-deco theme. A mission-styled dining set features clean lines and simple design.

Material Choices

Dining sets come in a variety of options for materials. Pine country dining furniture sets feature a light coloured wood. Another benefit of a pine dining set is the fact that they are lightweight and easy to move. On the other hand, an oak dining set is built to be durable and long-lasting. oak country dining furniture sets are often medium-coloured and may feature an intricate design or a simple look. Solid wood sets are designed to hold up to heavy use and will most likely last longer than other materials.


You can find a dining set to fit your kitchen regardless of how large or small it is. The tables come in all sizes, designed to accommodate different numbers of diners. A small table may seat only four while a large rectangular table may hold as many as ten or twelve guests. If the dining set includes a bench instead of chairs, you can often fit more people around the table.

Other Features

These dining sets include features for comfort and style. For instance, the chairs may include a cushioned seat. The table may be round, square or a rectangle to fit different spaces. If you have a large family, you may even prefer the dining set with a long bench on one side and chairs for the other three sides. Many dining sets include the ability to use an addition which extends the size of the table to hold more people.