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Coverlet Sets

Usually the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom, a bed becomes a focal point by virtue of size. For that reason, coverlet sets take centre stage in a decorating scheme. You have an ample selections of styles, patterns, and materials available to match your decor preferences. Make sure to also browse the inventory of other home bedding items to make your sleeping quarters a haven of rest.

Other Home Bedding

While you're giving your bedroom a makeover, consider placing bed netting above the bed. This accessory adds a regal ambiance while protecting you from rogue insects that wander inside. Buy satin, cotton, or flannel bedding sheets and pillowcases and treat your windows with a new valance to match the coverlet. Drape a bed runner or scarf across the mattress to add character and elegance.


Carry your sense of style into the room where you spend the largest portion of your day. You may prefer a traditional example, such as a quilt that has tufted batting, or an antique style bedspread that touches the floor and softens any harsh lines of the mattress and bed frame. If you have vaulted or cathedral ceilings, choose contemporary and modern designs to complement the architecture. You can choose a preferred style of coverlet, whether it's Art Nouveau, gothic, or Art Deco.


Floral coverlet sets showcase embossed designs, detailed stitching, and ruffles that dress up the room. Equally appealing are other patterns of home bedding, such as patchwork coverlet sets that bring a country feel and create a welcoming atmosphere. Get everyone in on the fun and allow family members to choose what they prefer, whether it's embroidered, paisley, or geometric patterns.


Matelasse coverlets are cotton fabrics with a raised design that are crafted using a jacquard loom. You can find a wide range made with this fabric to add a three-dimensional look to your bed linens. Other favourite mainstays are 100 percent cotton, cotton blends, and polyester options that are durable and easy to care for.