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The bed is the heart of the home: its where we spend around a third of our lives, its arguably the most important piece of furniture in the entire house, and its extremely hard to leave on a weekday morning! Its only logical, therefore, that most of us like to put a little effort into making our beds as comfortable and nice as possible. This is not to mention the fact that a bed is usually the most prominent feature of your room, and really sets the tone for the entire look and feel. This is where the right coverlet comes in. A simple cotton coverletis a very versatile item in terms of both style and practicality. On a stiflingly hot night in the middle of summer, blankets are just too warm and too heavy. A cotton coverlet is the perfect middle ground - keeping you warm if the temperature drops in the middle of the night and providing that little bit of reassuring weight, without making you uncomfortably hot. Even in winter, when you most definitely do want a cosy nest of woollen blankets, the coverlet is the icing on the cake in terms of style. Whether you prefer clean, simple designs or bright colours and bold patterns, there are many styles and fabrics to choose from when you purchase online.

Buying New vs. Second-Hand

Whether you choose to purchase a new or pre-loved coverlet is really a matter of personal preference. Bed linen is something you may understandably prefer to buy new - although it is worth bearing in mind that a coverlet is often more ornamental than either sheets or blankets and therefore undergoes much less wear. Still, there is something delightful about brand new, crisp cotton! On the other hand, if you look through the second-hand options available, you may well find some beautiful vintage or even antique pieces at a great price! Particularly if your room already boasts some other antique furniture, a beautiful vintage coverlet with the kind of intricate detail we dont often see these days may be the perfect item to tie the rooms aesthetic together.

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