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Cowrie Shell

Cowrie Shells

Love collecting shells at the beach to add to your collection, but find that you do not go often enough? There is a number of amazing collectable shell choices available to provide you with what you are missing. Cowrie shells are great additions to any collection or for using in crafts and jewellery creations. There are a few different types of cowrie shells to choose from and knowing more about these natural shells makes collecting them even more enjoyable.

Tiger Cowrie Shells

A tiger cowrie shell is a rather heavy and large shell that features a flat base. Teeth on the upper lip are short with broad spaces on one side, whilst most teeth on the lower side are thin and long. The colour pattern has two layers with dots that cover the white background. The bottom layer has grey-blue spots, whilst the upper layer has spots that are a dark brown or almost red colour with a noticeable orange-yellow outline that gives the shell the appearance of tiger spots.

Egg Cowrie Shells

The egg cowrie shells are one-piece shells that are normally bigger than other types of cowries. These shells get their name from the egg shape and white exterior colour. The outside of the shell is always white with uneven tooth spacing, while the interior colour of the shell is brown. Many people throughout history have used egg cowrie shells for personal decoration or as a symbol of fertility.

Deer Cowrie shells

The deer cowrie shell features an elliptical-shaped shell that is dotted with short and thick teeth. The deer cowrie shell is a creamy brown colour with thick bands of dark brown around the edges. The exterior of the outer brown shell has many white spots that dot the surface of the shell, much like the markings on the coat of a young fawn.


Many people enjoy collecting cowrie shells because of their unique shapes and designs. These shells are widely used as embellishments for crafts and as adornments for the hair. It is also not uncommon to see these shells on necklaces, bracelets, and other jewellery pieces as well. No matter how people choose to use the cowrie, these shells always have a unique appearance that is beautiful to behold.