Find your home DIY inspiration in the pages of craft books and magazines on eBay

Crafting veterans or newbies alike can always use a bit of guidance and inspiration for their next project, no matter what medium and materials they prefer. When you’re feeling stuck or are looking to step out and try something a bit new, eBay is here with thousands of wonderful craft books and magazines to provide the help you need to turn your assorted materials into useful quilts, blankets and more.

The need to knit: how crafting can help your body and mind

Grabbing some knitting craft books and magazines and knitting supplies can of course provide the ingredients you need to produce decorative, warm works for you and your friends and family. But that’s not all that can come from this collection of supplies. These materials can also bring tremendous health benefits.

Studies have shown that knitting can have strong positive impacts on mental and physical health, especially for knitters of a more advanced age. On the mental side, knitting can help slow the effects of dementia and depression. And the concentration required to keep calm and carry on counting while knitting can help take one’s mind off of chronic pain. That’s because the repetitive movements that come with following a pattern and developing lines of material into a new piece release a substance in the brain called serotonin, which can help dull pain.

Don’t feel like you’re fit to knit? That’s quite alright, as there are plenty of other DIY crafting assistants on eBay ready and waiting to help. You’ll find inspiration and instruction for macrame, embroidery, cross-stitching  and more, opening the doors to new crafting possibilities and avenues for your creative side. 

You know what people like to say about idle hands. Keep yours busy with the help of eBay’s deep collection of craft books and magazines and discover new visions today.